DEAF LIFE wants to know what you think about “hot topics” and important issues affecting the Deaf community. Browse through the series menu below and choose any question to start with. (Each series consists of 6 questions.) Click on the question to view the poll form and response box. You can switch to any other question or series, and respond in any order. The complete list of questions is also posted on the lefthand menu. Results are tabulated and published every month in DEAF LIFE, together with a sampling of responses. Detailed responses will be posted online.

Series 18
Can a school for the deaf sell off property and demolish buildings without community input?

Did George W. Veditz’s film project have any effect in preserving our language?

Can art (especially De’VIA) create social change?

Do you see the Deaf community as a disability group or as a linguistic minority?

Do Deaf people tend to be more politically liberal than the general population?

Are Deaf people fairly represented in the administrations of schools and programs?

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