DEAF LIFE wants to know what you think about “hot topics” and important issues affecting the Deaf community. Browse through the series menu below and choose any question to start with. (Each series consists of 6 questions.) Click on the question to view the poll form and response box. You can switch to any other question or series, and respond in any order. The complete list of questions is also posted on the lefthand menu. Results are tabulated and published every month in DEAF LIFE, together with a sampling of responses. Detailed responses will be posted online.

Series 20
Should Laurent Clerc be honored on
a U.S. Mint gold coin?

Are we doing all we can to promote women’s equality and empowerment?

Do Deaf athletes help bust stereotypes of deaf people?

Should AGBell make reparations to Deaf victims of oralism?

Does the NAD truly represent the interests of the Deaf community?

Do electronic caption-decoding devices give Deaf moviegoers equal access?

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